What software and hardware do you use for your work?

For hardware, I am currently using an Yiynova msp19u.

You use a lot of copyrighted characters. How do you avoid being sued?

All of my work which incorporates copyrighted imagery falls under fair use/parody law or is licensed through third-party retailers.

I love your work! How can I order an original print?

You can order prints of my work from the shop. I also take commissions for custom RPG avatar creation.


Please be aware that all my work is done digitally, so there are no "originals," but I will not sell your commissioned pieces to other buyers without your permission.

I'd like to learn digital illustration. Where do I start?

Digital art is both much harder and far simpler than most people anticipate. I recommend beginning with pen and paper drawing. Start with a circle. Study other artists you enjoy, and copy their work. Once you've mastered the basics (color, form, style, layout) then move on to the digital realm where you will relearn everything you learned about the pen and paper.

I recommend the following books for the beginning artist:

The Dynamic Figure Drawing series, by Burth Hogarthe.

Drawing Cutting Edge Comics, by Christopher Hart.

I want to order a custom character design but I'm not sure how.

Custom characters are priced anywhere from $25 to $800 depending upon style, type, and  menu options.


I've streamlined the process as much as possible. You might want to do some sketches of your own.


Talk to your gaming group about what makes your character unique.

 When your ready, fill out the form.


I will evaluate your inquiry and send you:

  • watermarked pencil sketches
  • color pallets
  • other samples


The initial consultation is free.


Once you decide to order, we'll discuss menu options and pricing.

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